What better way to explore the beautiful North Yorks Moors, discover its varied wildlife and photograph it than from the comfort of a high spec 4x4 vehicle.Our Safari style wildlife photography tours are designed to be completely flexible and cater for all requirements. They are also designed to give you the opportunity to view and photograph wildlife directly from the vehicle or very close proximity to it making it equally suitable for most levels of mobility.You may simply like a mystery tour to enjoy watching the wildlife and take in the spectacular scenery or perhaps photograph the wildlife and landscapes with your own photographic equipment. But for the ultimate wildlife photography experience why not take the opportunity to book a  tour that includes the use of our high spec professional photographic equipment and use what the Professionals use for the day.

This equipment includes the Legendary Canon EF 500mm f/4L IS II USM Lens so much favoured by professional wildlife photographers. This lens produces stunning images on either of our Canon EOS 5D Mark III or our Canon EOS 7D Mark II  camera bodies. On the crop sensor Canon EOS 7D Mark II  it gives the equivalent of 800mm for really making those far off subject closer. Add the Canon EF 1.4 ex III Extender and that becomes approximately a whopping 1100 mm.If you prefer something a little lighter and easier to handle try what is regarded by many photographers as there dream lens,  the incredible razor sharp Canon EF 300mm f2.8 L IS II USM Lens . With an super fast f2.8 aperture for those less favourable  lighting conditions. Again on the Canon EOS 7D Mark II body with the Canon EF 1.4 ex III Extender fitted the focal length can be significantly increased to approx 670 mm.

The wildlife you will see on the Tours is very much dependant on the time of year and the areas visited. Spring and summer are the best times of year for the moorland birds when many wading birds return to the moors to breed. At this time of year the moors burst into life and are a hive of activity.
Popular tours include:

Dippers and Wagtails
Red Grouse and Golden Plover
Follow the Curlew Family
Moorland Birds
Summer Deer Tours.

Keep checking back on our Tours Page  or take a look at the News Page for full details of the current recommended tours.

Please Note  On the tours we are looking to photograph totally wild wildlife in a completely natural environment and While every effort is made to meet the tour plan and  find the species we set out for, due to the unpredictable nature  of wild creatures living in a habitat noted for its equally unpredictable and occasional inclement weather we cannot always guarantee total success. Fortunately these occasions are extremely rare, and sometimes even the unplanned events are a highlight!. One thing we can always guarantee 100%, is the beautiful diverse scenery of The North York Moors National Park.


Disclaimer Tour participants are asked to follow the instructions of the Tour Leader at all times. While North York Moors Wildlife Photography Tours take every precaution to ensure satisfaction and safety at all times, tour participants are always present at their own risk. North York Moors Wildlife Photography Tours, owners, staff and all connected personnel are not liable for damage, loss or injury howsoever caused during the course of the Tour.






See below for details of our tours we have to offer.





Tour 1, Winter Grouse Tour

The lovely Red Grouse icon of the North York Moors is a permanent resident on the moors. This charming little sporting bird makes an ideal subject to for an introduction to wildlife photography. Working from the comfort of the vehicle its possible to photograph them at close quarters and if you respect there comfort zone they will happily go about there daily tasks giving excellent opportunities to photograph them in there natural environment. Winter on the moors also offers both very challenging lighting conditions and weather conditions therefore this is a good tour to practice taking useable images in variable conditions and understanding camera settings ect. On this tour we suggest you choose the tour option to use our equipment unless you have your own fast aperture lens as slow lens tend to struggle in less favourable lighting. While the Red Grouse is the star of this show like all tours you never know what wonderful wildlife might make an appearance.






Tour 2, Moorland Birds Tour

This tour is available from early spring and throughout the summer. The moors come alive through this period as many species of birds return to the moors to breed and raise there young. This tour produces opportunities to observe and photograph a wide selection of wildlife. Curlews, Red Grouse, Golden Plover and Lapwings offer good photographic opportunities with there chicks. Many smaller birds are also abundance this time of year. These include Meadow Pipits, Sky Larks, Wheatears, Whinchat's and Stonechats, Mistle Thrushes and occasionally Ring Ouzels. For those among you who don't mind a short walk and are blessed with patience we can photograph charming little Dippers and Wagtails as the busy about there lives along the meandering streams.





Tour 3, Deer and Hares Tour

Available through out the spring and summer months this tour is a shorter tour either early morning or evening when these animals are there most active. Hares make charming photographic subjects. Roe Deer are quite prolific through out this area but also quite elusive been most active first light and dusk. Again unless you own your own fast aperture lens we recommend you choose the tour option that includes the use of our equipment. We may be lucky and spot the Fallow Deer.






Tour 4, Tailor Made Tour.

You tell us what you want and we'll do our best to organise it for you. We are happy to tailor a tour or a series of tours if you are staying locally to your specific needs. Feel free to contact us via the contact page and we'll be in touch to discuss your needs.






We work closely with various local holiday acomodation providers. Dont hestitate to contact us should you require a Wildlfe  Photography  holiday or short break.

Tour Information

Tours start at a designated Start point at either Danby or Goathland or if staying locally and prefer to leave your vehicle at home we can collect you . If you choose option one Tours you will need to bring plenty of memory cards or USB stick or similar storage media to transfer the images but all photographic equipment will be supplied by us. If you choose option two and decide to use your own photographic equipment you will need a suitable digital camera with a min 300 mm lens preferably more ( 100 -400 mm or 500mm is ideal. ) Memory cards, Tripod if you use one ect Please wear / bring suitable dark clothing / waterproof clothing and suitable footwear. Binoculars if you have them. Packed Lunch will be provided or we will call at the local bakery .

All tours are priced for one Photographer. One Guest may acompany the Photographer at an aditional charge of £45 to cover lunch and insurance ect. Tours for more than one Photographer can be arranged. Plese contact us for more details and pricing.

Our photographic equipment is both hi tech and valuable so while the younger generation are more than welcome to join us on tours we reserve the use of our equipment to persons over the age of 16


Prices and Payment.

Tour 1, Option One ( Full use of all our equipment ) £250
Tour 1, Option Two ( No Equipment Supplied by us ) £150

Tour 1 Payment Options

Tour 2, Option One ( Full use of all our equipment ) £250
Tour 2, Option Two ( No Equipment Supplied by us ) £150

Tour 2 Payment Options

Tour 3, Option One ( Full use of all our equipment ) £150
Tour 3, Option Two ( No Equipment Supplied by us ) £75

Tour 3 Payment Options

Tour 4, Option One ( Full use of all our equipment ) £250
Tour 4, Option Two ( No Equipment Supplied by us ) £150

Tour 4 Payment Options